Tories apologise for making electioneering phone calls during Hillsborough memorial

Manchester is with you against All insensitive bigots, led by the contemptable Bernard Outgram

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(not satire – it’s the Tories)

As if a Merseyside Tory MP tweeting a political attack during the 25th anniversary Hillsborough memorial wasn’t bad enough – it’s now been revealed that local Tories were making electioneering phone calls to Merseysiders during the memorial service too.

Even the son of a former local Conservative Mayor was disgusted (from the Liverpool Echo):

Tory party made electioneering phone calls during anniversary Hillsborough memorial

It’s hard to imagine how the Tories could have made such a huge gaffe.

Other than the suspicion that they really don’t give a toss about what happened at Hillsborough.

Looks like Merseyside is set to become even more of a Tory-free zone than it already is.


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The truth about the Tory Party’s cover up of its links to paedophilia

Says it all more or less…..?

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(not satire – it’s the Tories)

According to the Daily Mail, Labour should apologise for its supposed links in the 1970s to the Paedophile Information Exchange.

Not a squeak from the Mail or any of the other right-wing press about the Tory Party’s links to paedophiles though.

And I’m not just talking about Savile’s frequent social visits to Thatcher at Number 10 when she was Prime Minister.

thatcher savile

It’s been revealed recently that Savile was not a lone abuser. He was part of a paedophile ring based in the Scarborough and Whitby area. One of the leading members of the ring has been revealed by a local newspaper to be a senior local Conservative politician, Mayor and Councillor Peter Jaconnelli.

But don’t expect to read much about that in the mainstream media. Because the cover up of Tory Party connections to paedophilia in general has been going on for decades.

In 1983, when Lord Carrington became Secretary General…

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8 government policies that look like April Fool’s jokes but are real

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(not satire – believe it or not)

1. Michael Gove Abolishes Summer

2. National Blood Supply Sold Off To US Venture Capital Firm

3. Osborne Helps Out Struggling Millionaires With Tax Cut

4. £45m Paid Out To Teach Unemployed How To Use Toilet Paper

5. Dying Cancer Patients Told To Get Temporary Jobs

6. Government To Deter Immigrants To UK BY Making It Shit

7. Coalition To Tax GranniesBedrooms and Pasties

8. London’s Fire Engines Sold Off To Old-Etonian For £2


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UKIP demands clocks put back not forward

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The United Kingdom Independence Party has demanded that clocks should not be put forward one hour tomorrow morning, but that all clocks in the UK should be put back at least 50 years instead.

According to a statement released today by UKIP, the party is in favour of putting the clocks back to a time when women knew their place, gay people were just people who were happy and foreigners were only ever seen through the gunsights of a B52 bomber.

However a spokesperson for the coalition government dismissed the idea, stating road safety concerns:

With the huge amount of car crashes ministers have been causing recently, it’s essential more than ever that we avoid any more dangerous u-turns or maneuvers that might put our re-election in danger.


Yes I know B52 bombers were American not British but I’m claiming artistic licence.

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UK pay rises – nurses: 1%, MPs: 11%, bankers: 35%

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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

The government has just announced an average increase of 0%-1% in pay for doctors, nurses and other public sector workers:

Pay decisions announced for NHS staff and other public sector workers

This comes after bankers got an average of 35% (not even including their bonuses) and MPs gave themselves an 11% pay rise:

average UK pay rises

Interestingly, the police got nothing at all.

Punishment for ‘plebgate’?


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UKIP’s Disappearing Welfare Policy: Claimants are “a parasitic underclass of scroungers”

Wake up and please read this…..UKIP (while I do all the work) is not the answer, they’re the bumbling buffoons who write to The Telegraph about ‘scroungers’while propping up their gout-ridden legs having not done a stroke of real work in their lives.

the void

ukip-bollocks UKIP’s mild success in Eastleigh – and before their swivel eyes pop out in over excitement it’s important to remember that they lost the election – is sadly not limited to Tory and Lib Dem strong holds.

UKIP have enjoyed similar mild success in several Northern towns amongst working class voters who’ve spotted not one of the three main parties give a flying fuck about them.  The truth is neither do UKIP.

Even some claimants have been sucked in as the party has gone deliberately quiet about their own welfare policies.  When @boycottworkfare began tweeting their workfare plans to claimants who thought UKIP might be on our side, they decided to ‘disappear’ their welfare policy summary from their website.

Luckily it was still available on google cache, where it won’t stay for ever so it’s reproduced below.  They also forgot to remove the full policy document from their server which…

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